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Our mission is to secure the physical, mental and emotional health of people in India and the USA through awareness, education and behavior modification.

Health behavior modification begins with awareness about a particular health issue. Once the person is aware of an issue, they can then be educated about it. The challenge is to propel this  awareness and education towards a change in attitude and a belief that the issue is worthy of attention and effort. With this new attitude, the person is now motivated to learn the skills needed to make a positive behavior change. But simply being ready to change is not sufficient if the person has no idea how to bring about the change. If appropriate resources are available to gain the essential skills, then the person can learn these skills and develop the confidence that they can indeed take action. When the positive action leads to visible and measurable positive health results, they in turn can become evangelists for the new health behavior. The success of our mission is based on these principles that support the public from the very first step of awareness, all the way to providing the skills and the resources to confidently take the first step towards making health behavior changes for a better life.

Our goal at HealthSecure Foundation is to bring about awareness as it relates to lifestyle diseases which can be prevented or attenuated by behavioral modification. These include diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancers, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They also include mental health issues like anxiety and depression that can be greatly improved by behavioral modification techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Our intention is to inspire people in a non-judgemental, caring and compassionate manner, and guide them towards better overall health for themselves and their families. We believe in providing inter generational health support, targeted primarily at young adults 18-30 years old, who can be effective in transmitting their attitudinal shifts in heath to both the younger and older generations with whom they are in close contact.

We strive to collaborate with colleges, universities and corporations where most young adults spend a majority of their time. Partnering with these institutions allows us to maximize our efforts for optimal results. We are passionate about using our extensive experience in medical informatics and tele-health to deliver our services via platforms that have already been embraced by the younger generation – online live webinars, video recordings, podcasts, blogs and social media sites. Our goal is to extend limited professional resources by using train the trainer programs and peer-to-peer learning which will multiply the effects of a small core group of highly trained professionals in the medical, psychological and educational fields.

Most of our programs are in India, but with the recent coronavirus pandemic, we have also been providing services in the US.

  • Indian Heart Initiative – promoting cardiovascular health in people of Indian heritage
    • Corporate Health Intervention Program
    • College Health Education Program
    • Childhood Lifestyle Intervention Program
  • She COPES – an online emotional peer support group for college students in India
  • Healthy India – health videos for the general public in India
  • Dear Dr. Sue – blog answering health questions submitted by the public in India
  • Community and public health activities in the US by our Founder and Executive Director
    • Because Your Health Matters – a monthly column in Hideaway News
    • Chief Health Officer and member of the Covid Mitigation Team of Hideaway
    • Doc’s Corner blog on City of Hideaway page
    • Designed the Hideaway COVID-19 serosurvey and collaborating with NET Health who will implement and supervise the blood testing by LabCorp.
    • Designed and implemented the Hideaway COVID-19 Positive Helpline. Trained volunteers on the protocol, developed scripts and information sheets for residents. Collaborating with retired nurses and psychologists to connect residents with appropriate health resources during the pandemic.
    • Articles on social media and online magazines on current health issues
    • COVID-19 live webinars and video recordings for Indian colleges and corporations