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A number of built-in reports are provided in HealthSecure. Their functions can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Current status
  • Process & workflow
  • Compliance & standards
  • Activity counters, both historical and current

The following is a partial list of available reports:

  • Annual Dental Exams Due
  • Annual Physical Exams Due
  • Booking or Medical Triage Screenings Completed
  • Chronic Care
  • Clinical Follow Up
  • Consecutive Non-Standard Medication Delivery Outcomes
  • Copays Generated
  • Diagnostics Performed
  • Discontinued Medications
  • Booking Screening Due
  • Historical Inmate Data
  • Historical Segregation Logs
  • Inmates Needing TB Screen
  • Inmates On Detox
  • Kitchen Trustee Screening
  • Med Orders
  • Med Orders: Future Pharmacy Requests
  • Medical Visit Summary
  • Medication Delivery Summary
  • Medications On Hold
  • Orders In Progress
  • PPD Read Summary
  • Renewal of Medications
  • Restrictive Housing Compliance Screening
  • Returned Medications
  • TB PPD Readings

Furthermore, IT staff with minimal training can easily generate ad-hoc reports for additional needs.