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  • Security Measures
  • Role-based Security Configuration
  • Modification History
  • Internal Audit Trails

Jail environments have people operating in a variety of different roles. It is important to be able to restrict access based on user role. HealthSecure has a highly granular user role which allows for screen-based access control. Every screen, including report screens, can be marked as unavailable, read-only, or full access.

Furthermore, permissions are set both at the role level and at the individual level. This makes it convenient to edit the capabilities of a broad class of users in one place by simply editing a role. At the same time, specific individuals can be given greater or lesser permissions by simply overriding their settings at the individual user level.

HealthSecure also keeps detailed internal audits of data changes. In many cases these audits are shown as modification history, e.g., where it is useful to see who updated an order and why. In other cases audit data is stored internally for security purposes and can be queried for audits, reports, etc.