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Jails and correctional institutions manage a unique population with distinct challenges and needs than the general populace. HealthSecure has several internal workflows, or processes, that are intended to support these needs. A “workflow” is more than just a form which is filled out; it can include forms, notifications, ticklers and so on.


One of the most important preventative measures a jail can take is to put inmates with drug and alcohol problems on detoxification protocols. HealthSecure has a number of built-in protocols for alcohol, opiate and benzodiazepine detox which can streamline writing and administration of medication tapers for inmates to prevent withdrawal symptoms.


Inmates can be screened for TB upon arrival. After the PPD is placed, they can then be evaluated for positive or negative results. Such information can persist across multiple bookings of an inmate as well so that tests are not performed more frequently than medically necessary.


Screening reminder reports are available for initial and recurring situations including dental and mental health. “Days to Compliance” for each report can be configured so that your staff knows which inmates are due for screening, and can organize their appointments.


An extensive process is available for handling inmates in locations configured as “Segregation”, to make sure that inmates get regular daily checks as well as more extensive weekly or 15-day screens.


Barcoded processes handle both incoming medications from an offsite pharmacy as well as unused medications returned to the pharmacy. These processes are designed to reduce staff time and pill counting errors.


Streamline your floor pill-pass time with protocols that allow responsible inmates to keep and administer some of their own medications. A validation process lets you pull up inmates for review to see how they are doing and match a hand-count of their medications with a calculated “expected count” of how many pills they should have, if they have been taking their pills in a compliant manner. You can dynamically take inmates or their individual medications on and off “KOP”.

The KOP process is also fully integrated with the electronic pill pass.


HealthSecure implementation will come with full system integration. If your pharmacy provider offers an electronic interface, we will implement it. Otherwise, a mail-to-fax based interface is available which reduces your paper handling.


Specific conditions can be targeted at booking to require an initial visit with a provider for chronic or mental health conditions. At any visit, the provider can schedule additional chronic or acute care visits, directly from their progress note.

As a simple example of how HealthSecure is jail-specific, consider that this feature is integrated with inmate bookings. Suppose an inmate is scheduled 30 days out for his next chronic care visit, and is released. If he then commits another offense and is re-booked, the system will recognize his previously scheduled follow-up visit and automatically “re-link” him to his prior follow-up.


Providers can maintain an inmate’s list of chronic and acute problems, adding comments, updating their status, etc. This information is populated into various screens for quick and easy access.